New Tech Business Camp Tokyo Participating Foreign Companies are selected!

外国企業ロゴ e-bot7 GmbH IndoorAtlas Ltd. MoBagel Inc. Roam Robotics, Inc. Shenzhen Malong Technologies Co., Ltd. SmartBeings Inc. Tamr, Inc. Triggar VR Pty Ltd

Participating Japanese Companies (in alphabetical order)

企業サイトリンク英語 ANA JR東日本 富士通 日立 日本郵便 KDDI 栗田 NEC ソニー 東急

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 Objective of the Program

Endeavoring to shape a Tokyo where anyone can live with peace of mind, hope, and vigor, where growth is continually generated, and which shines on the global stage as a driver behind Japan’s growth, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has set out to create three cities in one: the “Smart City”, the “Safe City”, and the “Diverse City”.

TMG initiatives to attract foreign companies have been ongoing since 2011, and this time around, the government is looking to invite foreign companies with the Fourth Industrial Revolution-related technologies (AI, IoT, big data, etc.) that can contribute to the three cities of Tokyo. By matching these companies with some of Japan’s foremost companies, TMG aims to bring Tokyo’s three cities to fruition and promote the attraction of foreign companies.

As part of these foreign company attraction initiatives, the newest program, the “New Tech Business Camp Tokyo”, is the second business camp to be offered by TMG, following on from the FinTech Business Camp.

By running this short-term intensive program over the course of two months, TMG aims to generate ground-breaking innovation to improve convenience for Tokyo’s residents and re-energize the city’s economy.

 Details of the Program

Main Forms of Support for Foreign Companies

Participation in the program is free of charge.

*However, companies must pay for their own airfare and other expenses (refer to Application Guidelines for more details).

Free office space provided for the duration of the program.
Information is also provided for accommodation and transportation to ensure a pleasant 2 month stay.

No Japanese skills required! Language support and interpreters will be arranged by the Camp Office. Feel free to consult the Camp Office at any time during your stay.

Support from TMG with PR activities in Tokyo.

*Details (types of media, promotional period, etc.) to be determined by TMG.

Introductory Seminar

・Industry specialists provide explanations on the structure of Japan’s manufacturing industry, market trends, and more.


Business Meetings

・Foreign companies brush up their business plans with Japanese companies (mentor companies).
・The Camp Office assists in match ups and arranging meetings.


Creation of Business Plan

・Foreign companies create/update their business plan for establishing a site or expanding their business into Tokyo.
・Industry experts will also provide business plan support, taking into account the market environment and other factors.


Networking Events

・Networking events to foster understanding and facilitate business match ups between foreign companies and mentor companies, Tokyo companies, Tokyo investors, and foreign embassies and chambers of commerce based in Japan, etc.


Business Matching with Tokyo SMEs

・Business match-up opportunities with leading Tokyo SMEs.


Pitch Events

・Foreign companies present their business plan at pitch events. Around 100 guests planned for the public event, and 30 for the closed-door.
・Golden opportunity for companies to promote their business plans.


Follow-up Support

・The Camp Office provides support until the end of March 2018, with the Business Development Center Tokyo* taking over from April for those foreign companies going ahead with business expansion plans.

*Details below.

Post-Program Support
for Site Establishment in the Tokyo National Strategic Special Zone

Business Development Center Tokyo

TMG’s one-stop support center for foreign companies, providing a range of business and lifestyle support.


Provides information and advice on Japanese
regulations and more


Supports establishment of new sites
(provides information on corporate registration, etc.)


Introduces relevant organizations, etc., according to needs


Assists in finding local business partners


Provides information on living in Tokyo
(English-speaking hospitals and schools, etc.)

 Click here for more details

 Details on the Program

  • The program will be held in the Toranomon, Akasaka, and Roppongi areas, which have a large concentration of big companies and startups.

  • Office spaces for foreign companies will be located at Roppongi Hills, with program events held at either Roppongi Hills or ARK Hills.

  • Mentoring and business meetings will take place at the offices of mentor companies.

  • Final pitch events will take place at Toranomon Hills.

*Venues for events may be changed without prior notice.

All the Facilities are provided Mori Building., Ltd.  

 Program Schedule

*The above is the planned schedule for the program and may change without notice.

*Follow-up support provided by the New Tech Business Camp Tokyo Office until Friday, March 30, 2018. From Monday, April 2, 2018, follow-up support will be provided by the Business Development Center Tokyo.

 Application Process (for Foreign Companies)  *Application is Closed

Application Form

Application Guidelines

 *Please read the Application Guidelines before applying.
*Applications should be sent in docx format, and attached files either in pdf , pptx, or docx format.
*Selection results will be announced on the website (inquiries on the process cannot be answered).


 ・Participation in the program is free of charge.
・However, selected foreign companies will need to pay for their own airfares, accommodation, transportation and meals, etc.
・More details can be found in the Application Guidelines.

Target Companies

 ・Foreign startups which have not yet entered the Japanese market, and which have cutting-edge technologies (AI, IoT, etc.), or products/services utilizing said technologies to support the manufacturing industry.
 ✓Excludes FinTech companies and companies with blockchain technologies.
・In addition to the above, foreign startups which are willing to participate in business match-ups with Tokyo SMEs.

Participating Japanese Companies (in alphabetical order)

Foreign companies will be mentored by some of Japan’s foremost manufacturers.
All participating Japanese companies are based in Tokyo.

企業サイトリンク英語 ANA JR東日本 富士通 日立 日本郵便 KDDI 栗田 NEC ソニー 東急


New Tech Business Camp Tokyo Office

For more information on the program, contact the New Tech Business Camp Tokyo Office at the email address above.