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Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center

Personalized service makes completing filing procedures quick!

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Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center
Shibuya Satellite Center to Open

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New TOSBEC Has Started!

◆TOSBEC accepts documents for all eight types of procedure!
◆The handling of certificate of eligibility has been expanded!

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Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center
Information Session

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Business Consultation and Start-up Support
Provided by Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants

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The Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center unifies the procedures that foreign companies and start-ups need to complete to establish a business. This is a first for our country. Through personalized service provided by staff knowledgeable in administrative procedures and experts, the center helps to facilitate the prompt completion of various filing procedures required when starting a business, including those for certification of articles of incorporation, company registration and notification of incorporation, taxes, social security, and immigration. Furthermore, to meet the needs of companies, the center also offers support for electronic applications as well as interpretation and translation services in several languages.

Additional facilities located on the same floor are also available to assist. Bilingual consultants at the Business Development Center TOKYO help to match foreign companies seeking to expand their business into Tokyo with business partners and handle inquires on life in Tokyo. In addition, the Tokyo Employment Consultation Center has also been established here to assist foreign companies that have just started doing business in Tokyo with accurately understanding Japanese employment rules, supporting the smooth development of business. These centers also provide consultation services to businesses before they start operations.

More than 2,000 people have utilized these services, and applications have been filed.
We invite companies looking to start a business in Tokyo to utilize these services.

Opening of the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center (pdf127KB)

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1 Administrative Procedures Handled by this Center

The center accepts and provides assistance with completing articles of incorporation, applications and other procedures as outlined below.

Section Duties
Certification of Articles of Incorporation Certification of Articles of Incorporation by a notary
Company Registration Consultation related to company registration
(National Tax)
1. Notification of Incorporation
2. Application for Approval of Filing a Blue-form Tax Returns
3. Notification of Establishment/Relocation/Discontinuance of an Office Paying Salaries
4. Application for Approval of Extension of Withholding Tax Payment
(Metropolitan Tax)
1. Notification of Incorporation (Japanese)
(example form)
2. Notification/Application for Extension of Time to File Tax Statement (Japanese)
(example form)
Immigration Certificate of Eligibility Status of Residence under the categories of “Business Manager,” “Intra-company Transferee,” and “Engineer / Specialist in Humanities /International Services” when related to the establishment of a business
(includes forms for family members applying at the same time)
1. Notification for Establishment of a Business Covered by Employment Insurance
2. Notification for Qualification Acquisition of Employment Insurance
Labor Insurance 1. Notification for Establishment of Insurance Relation *
2. Estimated Insurance Premiums Declaration *
3. Notification of Applicable Understanding
4. Notification of Rules of Employment
5. Labor-Management Agreement for Overtime and Holiday Work
* As for 1 and 2 above, application forms downloaded from the websites cannot be used. Please use the forms in Japanese provided at the center.
Health Insurance/
Pension Insurance
1. Notification for New Application
2. Notification for Qualification Acquisition
3. Notification for Changes of Insured Person’s Dependents / Notification of Third Insured Person Qualification
4. Notification of Name in Romaji

2 Translation and Interpretation Services Offered

Interpretation service for procedures at the application desk

English-language guidebook on procedures related to establishing a business

English-language samples of application and notification forms handled by the center

Introduction of businesses that will assist with the completion of documents and translation of accompanying documentation into Japanese

Consultation Hours

Weekdays 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. * Closed 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m

Excludes national holidays and the new year’s holidays (December 29 – January 3)


Those Eligible for Services

Foreign and Japanese companies launching a business in Tokyo


Japan External Trade Organization headquarters 7F

ARK Mori Building, 12-32 Akasaka, 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

For registration: 03-3582-4934 Click here for details
For other inquiries: 03-3582-8352

Fax: 03-5561-4123

地図 ※Please come to the reception desk on the 7th floor by taking JETRO’s private elevator located behind Starbucks Coffee on the 1st floor.


Tokyo Metro (Subway)

Tameike-sanno station (G-06 & N-06, Namboku & Ginza line): Exit 13, 3 minute walk

Roppongi-ichome station (N-05, Namboku line): Exit 3, 1 minute walk

Kamiyacho station (H-05, Hibiya line): Exit 4B, 12 minutes walk

Akasaka station (C-06, Chiyoda line): Exit 5, 12 minutes walk

Kokkai-gijidomae station (M-14 & C-07, Marunouchi & Chiyoda line): Exit 3, 15 minutes walk