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Special Zone Programs

Overview of the Special Zone Programs
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  • Key Deregulation Measures 
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List of New Companies

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  • Interviews with pioneers @ Tokyo
    • CASE01 Mr. Marc Bookman
    • CASE02 Mr. Tsuneo Imai
    • CASE03 Mr. Go Sekiguchi 
    • CASE04 Ms. Marjorie L. Dewey
    • CASE05 Mr. Toshiyuki Naka
    • CASE06 Mr. Stephane Noel
    • CASE07 Mr. Philippe Auvaro
  • Why Tokyo? 50 Reasons

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Entrepreneur support services offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Entrepreneur support services offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government


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Support for foreign companies and residents

Business Support

Support for companies in all sectors
  • Advantages of the Special Zones
  • Key Deregulation Measures 
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Business Development Center TOKYO

  • Top Page
  • Services offered by Business Development Center TOKYO
    • Business Development
    • Offering a Wide Range of Administrative Support Services
    • Specialist Introductions
    • Living Support
    • Case Studies
    • Finalcial One-Stop Support Service
  • Consultation Flowchart
  • Case Studies
    • CASE01 Finding investment funding for a renewable energy-generation company
    • CASE02 Introducing suitable office space to a company expanding its business in Japan
    • CASE03 Providing support to organize a market research study for a digital content company interested in expanding its operations to Japan
    • CASE04 Supporting the establishment of an import and sales company dealing in traditional British homemade cakes and pies, along with other food imports
    • CASE05 Incorporating the office in Japan of an Australian database development company specializing in chemicals
    • CASE06 Support of Canadian IT-Related Business Promotion in Tokyo
    • CASE07 Support for Developing Sales Channels for Household Goods in Japan
    • CASE08 Introduction of a specialist for establishment of the Tokyo business office
    • CASE09 Sales channels and sales expansion, introduction of properties
    • CASE10 Overall business support in market development for Czech beer in the Japanese market
    • CASE11 Supporting the Business Matching of a German Company Offering Cleaning Systems Technology
    • CASE12 Supporting local business incorporation and business matchmaking for the UK’s largest flight simulator company
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  • Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs
  • Tokyo Employment Consultation Center

Support for finance companies

  • Finalcial One-Stop Support Service
  • Accelerator Program(FinTech)
  • Overseas Financial Corporation Business Estabishment Subsidy Program

Living Support

  • Living Information and Administrative Procedures
  • Healthcare Information
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  • News & Events

Support for Japanese companies and entrepreneurs

Support for Japanese companies and entrepreneurs

Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center
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  • Shibuya Satellite Center
  • Marunouchi Satellite Center
  • Case Studies
    • No.1 - Mr. Jiro Sugawara
    • No.2 - Ms. Jamie Sheena Gaga
    • No.3 - Mr. Alain Yuto Katsura
    • No.4 - Mr. Ryuki Hayano
    • No.5 - Mr. Tomohiro Takefumi
    • No.6 - Mr. Manuel Loninger
    • No.7 - Mr. Masanori Kita
    • No.8 - Mr. Masahiro Yanagi
    • No.9 - Mr. Ryutaro Ito and Mr. Daizaburo Ito
    • No.10 - Mr. Takayoshi Kimura
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  • Tokyo Employment Consultation Center

Support for companies engaged in work to improve the living environment

  • Subsidy to Create a Comfortable Living Environment for Foreign Residents
  • Tax Incentives for the Development of International Schools

News & Events

  • News & Events