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What's the Shibuya satellite Center 

Here, you can consult over videophone with experts stationed at TOSBEC in Akasaka, and also submit application documents.
A small and medium enterprise management consultant is always present at the satellite center to provide advice related to opening a business, such as on financing and managementplans.
Please feel free to drop by!

Shibuya satellite Center Services

Five advantages of the Satellite Center

Consultations and document submissions possible at TOSBEC (Akasaka)

Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants: Profile

【Yasuaki Koshinuma】
Mr. Koshinuma’s major areas of specialty include: Internet-based CRM; low-budget marketing using crowd, social media and email; and new business planning and startup support. Offers expert service administering applications for government subsidies for small enterprises to continue their operations (Shokibojigyosha Jizokuka Hojokin) at the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Shibuya Chapter).

【Sumio Toyama】
Mr. Toyama previously worked for an electronics manufacturer, building a career in the area of development and design, and in positions including overseas representative, business unit general manager, factory manager and others. Left the company four years ago to become an independent consultant. Specializing in areas of manufacturing and factory management and overseas advancement, he has supported many manufacturing firms and ventures with startups, management innovation, and expansion into new areas. His professional qualifications and memberships include: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant; The Japanese Society for Quality Control member; Dream Gate Advisor; and certified management innovation supporter. Also serves as a director of NPO Business Support, and Executive Director in charge of the manufacturing division of Saitama Soken.

【Yohei Tozaki】
Mr. Tozaki started his career at a major building materials manufacturer, engaging largely in B2B sales/marketing and new business development. He left the company to become an independent Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant. His current services focus on the areas of business/finance planning and business expansion for manufacturers, particularly through market development and overseas advancement. He places great importance on the entrepreneurship vision of individual customers.

【Tetsuro Mori】
Mr. Mori offers services as an independent consultant in areas such as business startup, regeneration of shopping districts, and support for government grant applications. Prior to this, he had build a career as an employee at a number of organizations such as a publishing house, writing and editing economic articles and study reports on listed companies’ business performances/projections; and at an ISO accreditation body, engaging in formulating reviews on companies’ environmental and CSR activities.

【Hiroshi Kawai】
Mr. Kawai has working experience in a major bank to work overseas and support small and medium sized enterprises. Afterwards, he was in charge of managing factories and sales companies in a major auto parts manufacture. He has worked overseas for 18 years in total. It is his goal to support small and medium sized enterprises in any possible ways as creating management plan, fundraising, and helping overseas expansion (for both inbound and outbound businesses).

【Kiyoshi Arakawa】
Mr. Arakawa has experience in stock company and bank to make proposition, research, and data analysis for corporate customers. He also worked as an advisory for improving finance and developing corporate values. After he started working on his own, he has been widely supporting small and medium sized enterprises, and helping people to start up their businesses.

Shibuya Satellite Center Schedule

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The Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center
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access map

1F Shibuya Dogenzaka Tokyu Bldg., 1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
(Plug and Play Shibuya powered by Tokyu Land Corporation)
Just a 4-minute walk from Shibuya station.

≪For consultation appointment≫
①Call to registration desk:03-5489-4630
Send a reservation form

≪Consultation hours≫
Weekdays 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (closed 12 pm -1pm)
Closed : National holidays and Year-end & New year’s holidays(December 29 –January 3)